Academic Year 2017-2018

Intent to Plan
D.Sc. Information Systems (Ph.D.) (BOR APPROVED)
D.Sc. Cyber Security (Ph.D. Cyber Operations) (BOR APPROVED)
Ph.D. Cyber Defense (BOR APPROVED)
M.S. Security Policy & Management (BOR APPROVED)
B.S. Cyber Leadership and Intelligence (BOR APPROVED)
Ph.D. Computer Science (BOR APPROVED)

New Programs
Ph.D. Cyber Operations (BOR APPROVED)
Ph.D. Information Systems (BOR APPROVED)
B.S. Cyber Leadership and Intelligence (BOR APPROVED)
Cybersecurity Certificate (BOR APPROVED)
Network Services Certificate (BOR APPROVED)
Software Development Certificate (BOR APPROVED)
Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography (undergraduate)
Introductory Graduate Mathematics Certificate (graduate)
Advanced Graduate Mathematics Certificate (graduate)
English for New Language Minor
K-12 Special Education Minor
Healthcare Data Analytics Certificate (graduate)

New Site Request
B.S. Elementary Education (distance)

Request to Seek Accreditation
M.S. HIIM Accreditation Request (BOR APPROVED)

Revised Course Requests-Common
ART 111 Drawing I (university prerequisite)
CIS 484 Database Management Systems (university prerequisite)
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics (university prerequisite)
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (university prerequisite)

New Course Requests
ACCT 452 Fraud and Forensics Accounting
BADM 730 Supply Chain Management (pending)
BADM 732 Supply Chain Analytics (pending)
BADM 776 Fundraising-Strategies and Innovation
CLI 101 Introduction to Cyber Security Leadership
CLI 310 Hacking, Hackers, and Hacktivism
CLI 370 Cyber-Ethics
CLI 420 Cyber Leadership
CLI 291 & 491 Independent Study
CLI 292 & 492 Topics
CLI 494 Internship
CLI 498 Undergraduate Research-Project
CIS 211 Quickbooks II
CSC 134 Introduction to Cyber Operations
CSC 310 Advanced Data Structures
CSC 404 Foundations of Computation
CSC 723 Machine Learning for Cyber Security
CSC 773 Mobile Communication and Advanced Network Security
CSC 786 Cyber Problems
DAD 482 Career Preparation
HIM 270 Practical Coding Application
MATH 436_536 Number Theory and Cryptography
MATH 437_537 Cryptography and Codes
MATH 561 Geometry
MATH 622 Difference Equations
INFA 754 Intrusion Detection
INFS 776 Business Intelligence & Visualization
SOC 370 People and their Cultures

New Index Code
CLI – Cyber Leadership & Intelligence

Authority to Offer Existing Common Course
ACCT 480 Advanced Accounting
PE 100 Activity
EDFN 460-560 Applied Linguistics Teaching English as a Second Language
GEOG 353 Geography of Religion
MATH 513 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 571 Numerical Analysis
MATH 575 Operations Research
POLS 350 International Relations
POLS 440 Comparative Government
SOC 402 Social Deviance
PHIL 292 Topics
PHYS 185-185L Astronomy I & Lab
PHYS 187-187L Astronomy II & Lab

Substantive Program Modification
M.S. Information Assurance & Computer Security (name change to Cyber Defense) (BOR APPROVED)
B.S. Computer Information System (BOR APPROVED)
M.S. Applied Computer Science (name change) APPROVED
B.S. Computer Science (BOR Approved)
B.S. Digital Arts and Design (BOR APPROVED)
Biology Minor (BOR APPROVED)
B.S. Professional Accountancy (BOR Approved)
B.S. Computer Info Systems Fast Track to MS Analytics (BOR Approved)
B.S. Mathematics for Information Systems and B.S.Ed. Mathematics

New Specialization
B.S. Computer Science-Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning (BOR APPROVED)
M.S. Information Systems, Information Assurance (BOR APPROVED)
B.S. Mathematics, Information Systems
B.S. Mathematics, Cryptography
B.S. Mathematics, Secondary Education
B.S. Mathematics, Intermediate Education

Program Termination
Website Administration Certificate (BOR APPROVED)
Information Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate (BOR APPROVED)

Minor Course Modifications
ARTD 336 Digital Photography I (course number)
ARTD 436 Digital Photography II (course number)
CIS 210 QuickBooks (title)
CIS 275 Web Application Programming I (prerequisite, description)
CIS 321 Information Security Management (prefix)
CIS 372 Programming for Analytics (prerequisite, description)
CIS 375 Web Application Programming II (description)
CIS 418 Advanced Computer Forensics (prefix)
CIS 419 Advanced Windows Forensics (prefix)
CIS 434 Computer Forensics and Investigations (deletion)
CSC 234 Software Security (prerequisite)
CSC 245 Information Security Fundamentals (course number)
CSC 420 Cellular and Mobile Communications (prerequisite)
CSC 432 Malware Analysis (prerequisite)
CSC 444 Reverse Engineering (course number)
DAD 110 Introduction to the Digital Arts and Design (credit hours, description)
DAD 222 Audio Production I: Foundations (description)
DAD 310 Digital Soundtrack Production (prerequisite)
DAD 322 Audio Production II: Multi-Track Environments (prerequisite, description)
DAD 423 MIDI Techniques (prerequisite, description)
DAD 424 Video for Video Post-Production (prerequisite, description)
DAD 350 Recording Session (course description)
ENGL 480 Contemporary Rhetoric (course description)
HIM 252 Basic Foundations of Health Data Systems (credit hours)
HIM 283 Healthcare Coding Experience (course description)
HIM 285 Supervised Professional Practice (course description)
HIM 286 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite, course description)
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice (course description)
HIM 360 Management Health Information Center (prerequisite)
HIM 380 Healthcare Data Analytics (prerequisite)
MUS 108 Basic Musicianship for Audio Industry (course description)
MUS 204 Introduction to American Pop Music (prerequisite, course description)
MUS 204 Introduction to American Pop Music (title)
RESP 210 Respiratory Critical Care (prerequisite)
RESP 250 Clinical Experience II  (prerequisite)

Prefix Changes
MLED 300 Survey of Middle Level Education (prefix to EDFN)
SCTC 303 Intro to Biological Instrumentation (prefix to BIOL)
SCTC 345 Intro to Bioinformatics (prefix BIOL & number 335)
WEL prefix eliminated – moved to HLTH

Obsolete Course List – Course deletion
DSU – Obsolete Course Deletion List – FINAL

Minor Program Modifications
M.S. Applied Computer Science, Cyber Operations Specialization
B.S.Ed. Physical Education
B.S. Exercise Science
Information Technology Management Certificate
Technology Database Management Certificate
Web Application Development Certificate
B.S. Biology
MBA General Management
M.S. Analytics
General Beadle Honors Program
Healthcare Coding Certificate
M.S. Information Systems
Computer Science Minor
B.S. Computer Game Design
A.S. Network & Security Administration
B.S. Network & Security Administration
B.S. Cyber Operations
A. S. Health Info Technology
B.S. Health Info Administration
Digital Photography Minor

Health Info Management Minor
B.S. Elementary Education-Special Education

General Education
General Education addition – PHIL 220

General Education addition – PHYS 185/185L & PHYS 187/187L