Academic Year 2023-2024

New Program
MS Artificial Intelligence
Esports Leadership Minor
BS Digital Content Creation
Strength and Conditioning Minor
Quantum Computing Graduate Certificate
K-8 Teaching Content Minor

Program Termination
Online Teaching Certificate
English for New Media Certificate
Professional and Technical Communication Certificate
Professional and Technical Communication Minor
English for New Media Specialization

Substantive Program Modification
BS English
Paraprofessional Certificate
BS Biology
BS Exercise Science
MS Analytics
BS Digital Art and Design, Computer Graphic Specialization
BSEd Elementary Education
BSEd Elementary Education/Special Education
BSEd Special Education
BSEd Physical Education
Educational Technology Minor
Healthcare Coding Certificate
PhD Cyber Defense
BS Mathematics, Education Specializations
MS Computer Science
MSEd Educational Technology
MBA, General Management


New Specialization
Esports Management, BBA Business
Security Management and Compliance, MS Cyber Defense
Technical, MS Cyber Defense
Data Privacy, PhD Cyber Defense
Managerial, PhD Cyber Defense
Technical, PhD Cyber Defense
Computer Science and Cyber Education, MSED Education and Technology
Educational Technology, MSED Education and Technology

New Site
BS in Individualized Studies

New Course
BADM 112 Personal Investing
BADM 113 Survey of Personal Financial Technology
CET 722 Instructional Design for Interactive Learners
CET 726 Visual Design for Learners
CET 741 Learning Sciences in Online Education
CET 785 Research Methods in Educational Technology
CLI 110 The US Intelligence Community
CSC 147 Artificial Intelligence Survey
CSC 611 Cyber Leadership and Ethics
CSC 613 Artificial Intelligence for Educators
CSC 617 Cybersecurity for Educators
CSC 626 Computer Programming for Educators
CSC 653 Hardware and Networking for Educators
CSC 683 Cybersecurity Practicum
CSC 702 Mathematics of AI
CSC 726 Neural Networks
CSC 727 Professional Application and Ethics of AI
CSC 763 Quantum Computing Fundamentals
CSC 766 Quantum Programming
CSC 767 Quantum-resilient Cryptography
CSC 782 Collaborative Cyber Security Research
CSC 784 Quantum Computing for Cybersecurity Applications
CSC 789 AI Capstone
ENGL 202 Artificial Intelligence and Writing


Authority to Offer Common Course
BIOL 211/211L Environmental Biology
BIOL 373/373L Evolution/Evolution Lab
CSC 761 Advanced Artificial Intelligence (SDSMT & USD)
EXS 255 Nutrition for Exercise and Sport (SDSU-NUTR)

General Education
BIOL 211/211L Environmental Biology
ENGL 202 Artificial Intelligence and Writing

Revised Course Requests for Common Courses

BADM 344 Managerial Communication (description) – BHSU
PE 341 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (prerequisite) BHSU/NSU
PE 363 Skills Concepts (prerequisite) BHSU/NSU
PE 440 Organization and Administration of HPEA (delete)


Minor Course Modifications
ARTD 289 Digital Ink and Paint 2D Track (number, title)
ARTD 382 3-D Animation, Modeling, and Concepts (number)
ARTD 385 3-D Character Animation, Rigging and Lighting (number)
BADM 712 Advanced Business Finance (title/description)
BADM 730 Supply Chain Management (prerequisite)
BADM 732 Supply Chain Analytics (prerequisite)
BADM 750 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (title)
BADM 765 Management and Leadership (title)
BADM 775 Strategic Marketing (title)
CET 720 Leading Evaluation and Change in the Educational Technology Environment (title/description)
CET 723 Inclusive STEM Instruction (credits)
CET 725 Educational Applications for Mobile Devices (title/description)
CET 756 Intro to Instructional Programming (credits)
CSC 328 Operating Environments (number/cross-listing with CSC 609)
CSC 388 Computer Forensics Fundamentals (prerequisite)
CSC 786 Cyber Problems (title/description)
ECON 730 Economics for Decision Making (title/description)
ENGL 351 Digital Collection and Curation (prerequisite)
ENGL 405 Media Studies (prerequisite)
EXS 335 Administration of Exercise Science (delete)
GAME 111 Introduction to Game Design (prerequisite)
INFA 731 Personal Security (title)
INFA 735 Offensive Security (prerequisite)
INFA 754 Intrusion Detection (prerequisite)
INFS 762 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (description)
INFS 770 Advanced Data Mining Applications (prerequisite, title, description)
INFS 778 Deep Learning (prerequisite, title, description)
INFS 780 Information Technology Strategies and Policy (prerequisite)
INFS 784 Artificial Intelligence Applications (prerequisite)
LT 712 Instructional Technology and Active Learners (delete)
LT 731 Multimedia Production (delete)


Minor Program Modification
Paraprofessional Certificate
Financial Technology Minor
Fast Track: Cyber Operations-Network & Security Admin-Computer Science with MS Cyber Defense
PhD Cyber Defense
BS Cyber Leadership and Intelligence
AS Business Analytics
AS Project Management
BBA Management and Marketing Specializations