Academic Year 2020-2021

New Programs
Online Teaching Certificate (BOR Approved)
Creative Coding Certificate (BOR Approved)
B.S. in Artificial Intelligence (BOR Approved)
B.S. in Artificial Intelligence in Organizations

Intent to Plan
BS Artificial Intelligence (BOR Approved)
BS Artificial Intelligence for Business (BOR Approved)

New Specialization
Accounting (BBA) (BOR Approved)
Business Technology (BBA) (BOR Approved)
Finance (BBA) (BOR Approved)
Management (BBA) (BOR Approved)
Marketing (BBA) (BOR Approved)

Integrative Biology (BS Biology) (BOR Approved)
Biology Education (BS Biology) (BOR Approved)

Substantive Program Modification
Bachelors in Business Administration (combining majors) (BOR Approved)
BS Biology – BSEd Biology (combining majors) (BOR Approved)
AS Health Information Technology (course changes)
BS Health Information Administration (course changes)
Healthcare Coding Certificate (course changes, increase in credits)
BS Digital Arts and Design (course changes)
BS Professional Accountancy (course changes)

Accelerated Graduate Program Request
Accelerated Program – BBA Business Technology to MS Information Systems
Accelerated Program – BS Network & Security Administration to MS Information Systems
Accelerated Program – BBA to MBA

New Site Requests
Cyber Defense, Ph.D.  (campus) (BOR Approved)
Information Technology Management Certificate (online) (BOR Approved)
Technology Database Management Certificate (online) (BOR Approved)
Web Application Development Certificate (0nline) (BOR Approved)

High Performance and Research Computing Certificate (online)
Network and Telecommunications Administration Certificate (online)
Object Oriented Programming Certificate (online)

New Course Request

INFS 784 Artificial Intelligence Applications – Approved
BADM 201 Fundamentals of AI in Organizations
ARTD 289 Digital Ink and Paint 2D Track
ARTD 350 Background Design-Character Design
CIS 378 Applied Artificial Intelligence
CIS 470 Strategy & Application of AI in Organizations
CSC 247 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CSC 334 Web Development
CSC 434 Web Software Security (number changed to 421)
GAME 351 Business of Game Development
GAME 355 Experimental Game I
GAME 356 Experimental Games II
HIM 386 Clinical Documentation Integrity
MUS 109 Musicianship II

Authority to Offer an Existing Course
BADM 111 Individual Finance Management (SDSU)
BIOL 106-106L Human Health and Biology – Approved
CMST 311 Business and Professional Communication (SDSU)
CMST 320 Communication in Interviewing
CMST 434 Small Group Communication
PE 483 Fundamentals-Theories of Coaching – Approved
PE 484 Fundamentals-Theories of Coaching: Field Experience – Approved

General Education Revision
BIOL 106-106L General Education Revision

Minor Course Modification
ACCT 498 Undergraduate Research-Scholarship
ARTD 306 Adv. Graphics Applications (title)
ARTD 339 Adv. Computer Graphic Design (title)
ARTD 382 3D Design on Computers I (title)
ARTD 385 3D Design on Computers II (title)
ARTD 480 Studio Processes (title)
BADM 498 Undergraduate Research-Scholarship
CIS 277 OS Interfaces and Utilities (Delete)
CIS 331 COBOL II (Delete)
CIS 361 Adv. Programming for Business Applications (Delete)
CIS 424 Software Development with Agile Methodologies (prerequisite)
CIS 474 Business Intelligence and Big Data (prerequisite)
CIS 447 Artificial Intelligence (Delete)
CSC 145 Information Security Fundamentals (title)
DAD 330 Film Editing I (prerequisite)
ECON 498 Undergraduate Research-Scholarship
ENGL 384 Applied Literary Criticism (delete)
ENGL 408 Writing for the Web (delete)
EXS 295 Practicum
GAME 222 Computer Game Analysis & Development (description)
GAME 375 Level Design I (prerequisite)
HIM 150 Introduction to Health Information Management (credits 3-4 to 3; prerequisites)
HIM 180 Fundamentals of Disease and Diagnosis Coding I (credits 4 to 3, prerequisites, title, description)
HIM 240 Fundamentals of Disease and Diagnosis Coding II (prerequisite, title, description)
HIM 265 HIM Quality Management (credits 3-4 to 3)
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice (DELETION)
HIM 360 Leadership and Strategic Management (prerequisite)
HIM 362 Healthcare Procedure Coding Systems (description)
HIM 364 Revenue Cycle Management (credits 1 to 3, prerequisites)
HIM 380 Healthcare Data Analytics (credits 3 to 4, prerequisites)
HIM 498 Undergraduate Research-Scholarship
INFS 736 Technology for Mobile Devices (co-requisite)
MUS 108 Basic Musicianship for Audio & Music Industry

Revised Course Request: Common
EXS 400 Exercise Testing Prescription (SDSU submitted paperwork)

Minor Program Modification
MS Analytics
MS Cyber Defense
Reading Minor
BS Computer Science
BS Cyber Operations
BS Network & Security Administration
BS Computer Game Design
BS Exercise Science
AS Software Development
AS Web Development
Cybersecurity Certificate
Network and Telecommunication Certificate
BS Analytical Science
Bachelors of Business Administration