Academic Year 2013-2014

Minor Course Modifications

Minor Course Modification Summary Report

CIS 375 Web Application Programming II (prerequisite)
CIS 385 Networking II (prerequisite)
CIS 387 Routing and Switching (credits, course description)
CIS 460 Windows Administration (prerequisite)
CIS 462 UNIX/Linux Administration (prerequiste)
CIS 424 Internet & Electronic Commerce (prerequisite, course description)
CIS 468 Programming for Network Administration (prerequiste, course description)
CSC 383 Networking I (prerequisite)
CSC 444 System Software Security (title, prerequisite)
EDFN 401 Methods of Educational Technology
ENGL 351 Computers, Writing & Literature (title, course description)
HIM 160 ICD Coding Systems (DELETE)
HIM 260 Fundamentals of Human Disease (DELETE)
HIM 262 CPT/HCPCS Healthcare Coding Systems (title, prerequisite, course description)
HIM 264 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies (prerequisite, course description)
HIM 283 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 285 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 286 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 485 Health Info Admin Supervised Professional Practice (credit hours)

Obsolete Course Deletions

Spreadsheet-Fall 14

Revised Course Requests

MCOM 351 Web Publishing I (Instructional Method and prerequisite)
MCOM 351 Web Publishing II (Instructional Method)
CSC 300 Data Structures (prerequisite)

New Course Requests

CIS 407 Advanced Routing and Switching
CIS 438 Advanced Program Management
HIM 180 Fundamentals of Disease & Diagnosis Coding I
HIM 240 Fundamentals of Disease & Diagnosis Coding II
HIMS 745 Legal Issues in Health Informatics
HIST 488-588 Introduction to Grand Strategy
INFS 772 Programming for Data Analytics
INFS 774 Big Data Analytics
CSC 803 An Introduction to Cyber Security Research
CSC 807 Cyber Security Research
CSC 809 Dissertation Preparation
CSC 840 Full Scope Security Testing
CSC 842 Security Tool Development
CSC 844 Advanced Reverse Engineering
CSC 846 Advanced Malware Analysis
CSC 848 Advanced Software Exploitation
CSC 890 Research Seminar
CSC 891 Independent Study
CSC 892 Topics
CSC 898 Program Sustaining
CSC 898D Dissertation
CSC 899D Dissertation Sustaining

Minor Program Modifications

Minor Program Modification Summary Report

BS in Cyber Operations
Minor in Computer and Network Security
Minor in Center of Excellence
Healthcare Coding Certificate
AS in Health Information Technology
BS in Professional and Technical Communications
Art Minor
History Minor
Information Assurance – Ethical Hacking Certificate
BS in Exercise Science
Coaching: Varsity/Head Coach Endorsement
Coaching: Elementary, Middle School, Assistant Varsity Endorsement
Teacher Education – Certification Only Program
Online Secondary Education Certification Program

Substantive Program Modifications

BS in Professional Accountancy
BS in Network and Security Administration
BS in Digital Arts and Design – Web Design & Production Specialization
AS in Network and System Administration
Minor in Networking
MS in Health Informatics
DSc in Information Systems
Computer and Network Security Minor
BS in Health Information Administration
BS in Information Systems
Business Education Minor

General Education Changes – Fall 14

ANTH 210 Cultural Anthropology (APPROVED)

CSC 123 Problem Solving & Programming (APPROVED)

A&S 121/121L Science: The Core of Discovery I / Lab (APPROVED)

New Program Proposals

Information Technology Certificate
Banking Security Certificate

MS in Anayltics (link to the Board website)
DSc in Cyber Security (links to the Board website)

Intent to Plan

MS in Analytics (DSU) and MS in Data Science (SDSU)