Academic Year 2021-2022

Intent to Plan
BS Individualized Studies (Approved)
BS Digital Content Creation (Approved)

New Program Requests
AS Business Analytics (Approved)
AS in Project Management (Approved)
BS Individualized Studies (Approved)
Ethics in Technology Certificate (Approved)
Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate (Approved)
AS Digital Accounting (Approved)
Digital Accounting Minor (Approved)
Digital Accounting Certificate (Approved)
American Civic Traditions Certificate (Approved)
Data Privacy Graduate Certificate (Approved)

New Specialization
Artificial Intelligence Specialization – MS Computer Science (Approved)

New Course Request
CSC 808 Mixed Research Methods for Computer & Cyber Sciences: Design and Implementation
INFA 722 Data Privacy Management
INFA 726 Data Privacy Technology

Program Termination
BS Biology (Banner Cleanup – removing D-BS.BIO major code)

Revised Course Request: Unique
ARTD 386 2D Digital Animation (Instructional Method Change)

Authority to Offer an Existing Course
CSC 770 Software Engineering Management

Substantive Program Modification
B.S. in Digital Arts and Design
PhD in Cyber Operations
AS in Health Information Technology
BS in Health Information Administration
PhD in Cyber Science

Minor Program Modification
DSU Minor Program Modifications Annual Report 21-22
MS Educational Technology
MS Information Systems
Beadles Honors Program
Website Design & Development Certificate
Data Analytics Certificate
BS in Computer Game Design
Mobile Application Development Minor
Network and Security Administration Minor
AS in Software Development
MS Analytics, Healthcare Analytics Track
MS Information Systems, Healthcare Information Systems Specialization
PhD Information Systems, Analytics and Decision Support Specialization
PhD Information Systems, Healthcare Information Systems Specialization
PhD Information Systems, Information Systems Cyber Security Specialization
MS Cyber Defense
MS Computer Science
MBA General Management, Sports Leadership Emphasis
PhD Computer Science
BS Computer Science
Object Oriented Programming Certificate

Minor Course Modification
DSU Minor Course Modifications Annual Report 21-22

ARTD 382 3D Animation, Modeling and Concepts (prerequisite)
ASC 121-121L Science: The Core of Discovery I (prerequisite, title)
CIS 210 Quickbooks I (prerequisite)
CIS 474 Business Intelligence and Big Data (prerequisite)
CIS 350 Computer Hardware, Data Communications and Networking (prefix, number, description)
CIS 368 Predictive Analytics (prerequisite)
CIS 476 Web Development Environments (prefix, number, prerequisite, description)
CSC 386 Machine Learning Fundamentals (title, description)
CSC 482 Algorithms and Optimization (prerequisite)
CSC 561 Programming Languages (cross-listed with CSC 461)
CSC 714 Database Systems (course description)
CSC 803 An Introduction to Cyber Security Research (title, description)
CSC 804 Cyber Security Research Methodologies (title, description)
CSC 807 Cyber Security Research (prerequisite, title, description)
CSC 809 Dissertation Preparation (prerequisite)
DAD 310 Digital Soundtrack Production (prerequisite)
GAME 375 – Level I Design (prerequisite)
HIM 150 Intro to Health Information Management (title)
HIM 225 Intro to Health Information Systems (title)
HIM 252 Basic Foundations Health Data Systems (title)
HIM 265 HIM Quality Management (title)
HIM 360 Leadership and Strategic Management (title)
HIM 380 Healthcare Data Analytics (title)
HIM 444 Advanced Health Data Systems (title, prerequisite)
HIM 450 Research in Health Information Administration (title)
HIM 485 Health Record Administration Professional Practice (title)
INFA 754 Intrusion Detection (title)
INFA 715 Data Privacy (Deletion)
LART 110 Language Arts (ENGL 145) (prefix, number, title credits, prerequisite, description)
MATH 201 Intro to Discrete Mathematics (description)

Curriculum Committee Minute
Minutes – 11-9-21
Minutes – 2-2-22
Minutes – 2-16-22
Minutes – 3-23-22

Graduate Council Minutes
GC Minutes 10-20-21
GC Minutes 2-7-22
GC Minutes 3-7-22
GC Minutes 5-2-22