Academic Year 2015-2016

Revised Course Requests-Common
BADM 476 Marketing Research (prerequisite change)
EXS 490 Seminar (credits)
MCOM 351 Web Publishing I (prerequisite change)
HIMS 701, 742, 744, 745, 746, 747, 748, 788, 789, 791, 792 & 820 (CIP code)
CSC 705 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (prerequisite change)
CSC 710 Structure and Design Programming Language (prerequisite change)
CSC 720 Theory of Computation (prerequisite change)
PE 363 Skills Concepts (Instructional Method addition)

Revised Course Requests – Unique
CSC 434 Web Software Security (Instructional Method change)
GAME 333/363/375/444 (Instructional Methods change)

New Course Requests
ARTD 386 2D Digital Animation – Preproduction
ARTD 442 2D Digital Animation – Production
CIS 368 Predictive Analytics
CIS 372 Programming For Analytics
CIS 474 Business Intelligence and Big Data
MATH 204 Mathematical Structures for Cyber Operations
HIMS 758 Workflow and Usability Optimization in Health Info
HIMS 794 Internship

Authority to Offer Existing Common Course
BIOL 153/153L General Biology II/Lab
EXPL 287 Study Abroad: Global Learning
EXPL 487 Study Abroad
GEOG 131/131L Physical Geography: Weather and Climate and Lab

Course Deletions
ARTD 260 Stop-Motion Puppet Animation
ARTD 440 Advanced 3D Design
EXS 420 Risk Management
INFA 724 Advanced Network Hacking
INFA 729 Advanced Web Hacking
INFA 734 Web Software Security
INFA 736 Offensive Network Security
INFA 741 Intro to Banking
INFA 743 Information Security Mgmt Systems Transactions
INFS 701 Introduction to Healthcare Information
INFS 742 Healthcare Information Infrastructure
INFS 744 Healthcare Informaton Analysis

INFS 612 Management and Evaluation of Information Systems

Substantive Program Modification
BS in Information Systems (title change, specialization changes)
BS in Exercise Science (credit hour changes)
B.S. in Cyber Operations (credit hour changes)
B.S in Digital Arts and Design (remove one specialization, edits to another)
MS in Health Informatics (removing specializations and CIP Code)
DSc in Cyber Security (removing master level courses-change in credit hours)

New Programs
Health Information Clerk Certificate

Program Termination
B.S. in Professional and Technical Communications

Minor Course Modifications
ARTD 336 Digital Photography I (prerequisite change)
ARTD 382 3-D Design I (description)
ARTD 385 3-Design II (description)
ARTD 439 3-D Character Design & Modeling (title, description, repeatable)
ARTD 441 3-D Character Animation (title, description, repeatable)
ARTD 480 Studio Processes (prerequisite change)
CIS 466 Survey of Network Applications (title, prerequisite)
CSC 434 Web Application Security (prerequisite)
CSC 466 Language Processing (prerequisite)
CSC 482 Algorithms and Optimization (prerequisite)
EXS 401 Fitness for Special Populations (title, course description)
EXS 405 Physiological Methods of Training (title, course description)
INFA 745 Compliance and Audit (prerequisite change)
INFS 601 Information Systems (credit hour and course description changes)
INFS 732 Emerging Technologies and Issues (prerequisite)
INFS 734 Multi-tiered and Service-Oriented Architectures (prerequisite)
INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling and Data Management (prerequisite)
HIMS-INFS 701 Introduction to Healthcare Information(prefix, title, description)
HIMS-INFS 742 Healthcare Information Infrastructure (prefix, title, prerequisite, description)
HIMS-INFS 744 Healthcare Information Analysis (prefix, title, prerequisite, description)
HIMS 745 Legal Issues in Health Informatics (title, prerequisite, description)
HIMS 746 Data Management in Health Informatics (title, prerequisite, description)
HIMS 747 Business of Health Informatics (title, prerequisite, description)
HIMS 748 IS Tools and Applications of Healthcare Research (title, description)
HIMS 788 Master’s Research Prob/Project (prerequisite, addition to description)

CET 753 Network Management in Educational Instruction (title, course description)
INFS 720 System Analysis and Design Using Case Tools (prerequisite)

Minor Program Modification
Bank Security Certificate
Ethical Hacking Certificate
MS in Information Systems, General Specialization
BS in Education, English Ed
Multimedia Web Design Minor
Object Oriented Programming Certificate

Catalog Change
Center of Excellence Honors Program