Academic Year 2014-2015

Minor Course Modifications

CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes (course description)
CET 753 Network Management in Educational Instruction (prerequisite)
CIS 245 Informaton Security Fundamentals (prefix)
CIS 332 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (prerequisite)
CIS 328 Operating Environments (prerequisite, prefix)
CIS 363 Hardware, Virtulaization and Data Comm (prefix)
CIS 388 Computer Forensics Fundamentals (prefix)
CIS 464 Wireless Communications (prefix, number, title, course description)
CIS 466 Survey of Network Applications (title, course description)
CSC 403 Programming for Graphical User Interface (prerequisite)
CSC 432 Malware Analysis (prerequisite)
CSC 434 Web Software Security (prerequisite, corequisite)
CSC 436 Offensive Network Security (prerequisite, corequisite)
CSC 482 Algorithms and Optimization (prerequisite)
DAD 222 Audio Production I (title, course description)
DAD 255 Writing Digital Stories (title)
DAD 322 Audio Production II (title, course description)
DAD 330 Film Storytelling I (title)
DAD 335 Digital Storytelling II (title)
DAD 422 Audio Production III (title, course description)
DAD 465 Digital Video Production (title, prerequisite)
ENGL 408 Advanced Computer Documentation (title, course description)
GAME 111 Introduction to Game Design (prerequisite)
GAME 222 Computer Game Analysis and Development (prerequisite)
GAME 333 Project and Process I (prerequisite)
HIM 150 Intro to Health Info Management (credits, course description)
HIM 170 Legal Aspects of HIM (course description)
HIM 264 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies (title, course description)
HIM 265 Management Quality and Related Functions HIM (title, credits, course description)
HIM 283 Healthcare Coding Experience (prerequisites)
HIM 285 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 286 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice (prerequisite)
HIM 360 Management Hlth Information Center I (title, credits, prerequisite, course description)
HIM 444 Adv. Health Data Systems (prerequisite, course description)
HIM 450 Research in HIA (prerequisite, corequisite)
INFA 725 Advanced Network Hacking (prerequisite)

Revised Course Requests

CSC 410 Parallel Computing (course description)
CSC 433 Computer Graphicsprerequisite)
CSC 461 Programming Languages (prerequisite)
ELED 459 ntro to Literacy Assessment and Remediation (prerequisite)
MATH 488 Capstone (move to common)

New Course Requests

A&S 100 First Year Seminar (Authority to Offer Common Course)
CET 725 Educational Applications for Mobile Devices
CIS 321 Information Security Management
CSC 748 Software Exploitation
DAD 340 Narrative Filmmaking
DAD 345 Documentary Filmmaking
HIM 188 Career Options for HIM
HIM 288 HIM Classrooms to HIM Careers
HIM 225 Introduction to Healthcare Info Systems
HIM 257 Management and Supervision of HIM
HIM 380 Healthcare Data Analytic
HIM 440 Healthcare Info Governance
HIM 488 HIM Classrooms to HIM Careers
HIST 470 History of World War II (Authority to offer Common Course)
INFA 720 Incident Response
INFA 735 Offensive Security
INFA 742 Ethics and Information Technology
INFS 794 Internship

Minor Program Modifications

BS in Health Information Administration
AS in Health Information Technology
Health Information Management Minor
Center of Excellence Minor
BS in Cyber Operations
BS in Computer Game Design (adding Emphasis areas of study)
BS in Computer Game Design (double major statement)
BS in Computer Science
MBA in General Management
BS in Professional and Technical Communication
General Education Goal 6
Computer Information Systems Minor
Educational Technology Minor
Educational Technology Endorsement
BS in Network and Security Administration
BS Digital Arts & Design, Audio Production
History Minor

Substantive Program Modifications

Healthcare Coding Certificate (credit hours required for certificate)
BS in Digital Arts and Design, Digital Storytelling Specialization (course changes and name)
MS in Applied Computer Science (removing specializations)
MS in Information Assurance and Computer Security (removing specializations)
BS in Education, Computer Education (removing minor requirements, course changes)
BS in Education, Math Education (course changes)
MS in Education, Educational Technology (credit hours required for major)

Course Deletion Listing

BADM 371 Merchandising
CED 500 Integrating Computers in K-12
CET 659 Teaching in the One to One Computing Environment
CET 747 Web and ITV Applications of Distance Education
CET 758 Advanced Instructional Programming
CET 765 Leadership in Technology Changes
CET 769 Adult Learning for Distance Education
ED 281 Educational Travel
ENGL 307 Principles of Grammar
ENGL 495 Practicum
ECON 291 Independent Study
HIST 692 Topics
HLTH 292 Topics
LIBM 692 Topics
MLED 593 Workshop
OED 335 Office Systems
PHSI 421 Adv. Computer Methods Physical Science
SCTC 291 Independent Study
SCTC 292 Topics
SCTC 332 Instrumental Method of Forensic Detection
SCTC 332L Instrumental Method of Forensic Detection Lab
SCTC 390 Seminar
SCTC 403 Advance Computer Applications for Natural Science
SCTD 451 Mechanics for Forensics
SCTC 451L Mechanics for Forensics Lab
SCTC 452 Forensic Analysis of Materials and Effects
SOC 352 Social Indicators
SOC 360 Social Systems and Technology
SOC 370 People and Their Cultures
SOC 381 Social Institutions
SPED 391 Independent Study
SPED 395 Practicum

Prefix Deletion

OED Prefix deletion