Academic Year 2018-2019

Intent to Plan
B.S. Software Engineering (DSU & SDSU) (BOR Approved 4/19)
M.S. Software Engineering (DSU & SDSU) (BOR Approved 4/19)

New Program
Ph.D. Cyber Defense (BOR Approved 4/19)
Healthcare Data Analytics Certificate (BOR Approved 12/18)
Data Analytics Certificate
Advanced Graduate Mathematics Certificate (System proposal)
Graduate Mathematics Certificate (System proposal)

Minor Course Modification
CET 751 Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials (title, course description)
CIS 424 Software Development with Agile Methodologies (prerequisite change)
CSC 233 Tech Foundations: Emerging Topics (number, prerequisite, course description)
CSC 260 Object Oriented Design (prerequisite)
CSC 363 Hardware, Virtualization, and Data Communication (course number)
CSC 383 Networking I (course number)
CSC 385 Networking II (course description)
CSC 387 Routing and Switching (course description)
CSC 407 Advanced Routing and Switching (course description)
DAD 180 Intro to Digital Storytelling (course description)
HIM 170 Legal Aspects Health Information Management (title, credit hours, course description)
HIM 262 Healthcare Procedure Coding Systems (course number)
HIM 264 Revenue Cycle Management (course number)
HIM 270 Practical Coding Application (course number)
HIM 288 HIM Classroom to Careers (prerequisite change)
HIM 360 Management of Health Information Center (title, course description, credit hours)
HIM 488 Classroom to Careers (prerequisite change)
HIMS 744 Data Analytics in Healthcare (prerequisite, course description)
INFS 756 Cloud Computing & Network Services (prerequisite)
RESP 440 Ethics for Health Professionals (credit hours)
RESP 460 Current Issues in Respiratory Care (credit hours)
RESP 475 Clinical Experience IV (Deletion)
RESP 495 Management Observation Practicum (credit hours)

Revised Course Requests: Common Course
ED 488 K-12 Student Teaching
SEED 495 Practicum

Authority to Offer
ECON 330 Money and Banking
ECON 433 Public Finance
ELED-SEED 466 P-12 ELL Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
PE 300 Applied Sport and Exercise Science
SPCM 470 Intercultural Communication
SEED 395 Practicum

New Course Request

BADM 610 Business Foundations I
BADM 660 Business Foundations II
BADM 730 Supply Chain Management
BADM 732 Supply Chain Analytics
BADM 774 Regulatory Environment of Sports and Nonprofit Organizations
BADM 777 Fiscal Management of Sports and Nonprofit Organizations
CSC 249 Computer Science I Revisited
CSC 364 Virtualization
CSC 402-502 Mathematical Foundations of AI
CSC 455 Software Development Environment & Tools
CSC 538 Defensive Network Security
HIM 169 Legal Aspects of Health Information I
HIM 385 Introduction to Global Health
HIMS 750 Exploration of Population Health Data Health Informatics
INFA 702 Data Privacy
INFA 710 Cybersecurity Program Design and Implementation
INFA 731 Personal Security
INFA 732 Physical Security
INFA 733 Vendor Management
INFA 758 Security Metrics
INFS 778 Deep Learning
INFS 782 Marketing Analytics
PE 775 Fan Experience, Sportainment, and Brand Management
PE 776 Cultural Studies of Sport
PE 778 Facility Risk Event Management in Sports

Substantive Program Modification
BS Computer Information Systems (specialization name change & other changes)
BS Physical Science (name change & other changes)
Health Information Clerk Certificate (name change, credit hour change)
Healthcare Coding Certificate (credit hour change)
B.S. Education, Physical Education (credit hour change)
Ph.D. Information Systems (credit hour change)
B.S. Respiratory Care (credit hour change)
B.S. Education, Business Education (credit hour change)
B.S. Education, Computer Education (credit hour change)

Minor Program Modification
AS Health Information Technology
BS Health Information Administration
Minor in Health Information Management
MS Information Systems
MBA, General Management
BS Cyber Leadership & Intelligence
BS Ed, Physical Education -K-12 Adapted PE Endorsement
MBA, General Management
MS Analytics
MS Health Informatics and Information Management
BBA, Finance

New Specialization
Software Engineering Specialization, BS in Computer Science