Academic Year 2022-2023

Intent to Plan
MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (approved)

New Program
Paraprofessional Certificate (Approved)
Basic Spanish Language Proficiency Certificate (system certificate) (Approved)
Esports Coaching Certificate (Graduate) (Approved)
Communication Studies Minor (Approved)
Management Minor (Approved)
Management Certificate (Approved)
Video Production Minor

New Site Request
Computer Forensics Minor (Approved)

New Specialization
MS Information Systems, Analytics (Approved)

Program Termination
MS Information Systems, Application Development
B.S. Analytical Science
Speech Communication and Theatre Minor
Film Production Minor

Substantive Program Modification
Computer Forensics Minor (title)
BSEd Special Education
BS Digital Arts and Design – Production Animation Specialization
BSED Physical Education
MS Health Informatics and Information Management Accelerated (4+1) Program
AS Health Informatics and Info Management
BS Health Informatics and Info Management
Health Care Coding Certificate
BS Professional Accountancy
Health Information Management Minor
BS Exercise Science

Minor Program Modifications
B.S. Cyber Leadership and Intelligence
Health Information Management (name change)
English Minor
Production Animation 2D Minor
Production Animation 3D Minor
BS Elementary Education
BS Elementary Education-Special Education
MS Health Informatics and Information Management
MS Information Systems, General Specialization
Health Information Specialist Certificate
Audio Production Minor
BBA, Business – Finance Specialization
AS & BS Health Informatics and Information Management
BS Artificial Intelligence
AS Network and Security Administration
BS Network and Security Administration
Network and Security Minor
Cyber Security Certificate
MBA General Management
MS Computer Science
PhD Computer Science
BS Biology
BS Mathematics
BBA Business, Business Technology Specialization
BSED Physical Education

New Course Requests
ACCT 475 Data Analytics for Accountants
ACCT 478 Tax Compliance and Planning
BADM 420 Financial Technology
CLI 320 Religion, Beliefs, and Technology
CLI 410 National Security Law
CLI 430 Intelligence Failures
CLI 440 Cybercrime
DAD 495 Practicum
EDER 431 Educational Technology and Assessment
ELED 380 K-8 Elementary Teaching Methods
CET 432-532 Esports Foundations and Systems
GAME 110 Introduction to Esports
GAME 210 Contemporary Issues in Esports
GAME 215 Competitive Game Analysis

Authority to Offer
BIOL 235-235L Introduction to Biotechnology (approved)
EDFN 102 Introduction to Education (approved)
HIST 358 The United States Since 1941 (approved)

General Education
BIOL 235-235L Introduction to Biotechnology (approved)

Minor Course Modification
ASC 121 Integrated Science (prerequisite)
ARTD 441 3D Design-Production (prerequisite)
ARTD 442 2D Digital Animation-Production (prerequisite)
BADM 776 Fundraising Strategies and Innovations (description)
CLI 242 Disciplinary Analysis and Methods (prerequisite, title)
CLI 470 Guerilla Warfare and Terrorism (title, description)
CSC 134 Introduction to Cyber Operations (title, description)
CSC 321 Information Security Management (title, description)
CSC 428 Reverse Engineering (dual list with CSC 528)
CSC 478-578 Generative Deep Learning (title, description, prerequisite, repeatable)
CSC 479-579 Reinforcement Learning (title, description, prerequisite, repeatable)
CSC 748 Software Exploitation (description)
CSC 848 Advanced Software Exploitation
DAD 310 Digital Soundtrack Production (title, description)
DAD 330 Film Editing I (number, title)
DAD 335 Film Editing II (title)
DAD 424 Advanced Digital Sound Design (title, description)
EXS-PE 145 Introduction to EXS-PE (moved to Substantive Course Modification)
EXS-PE 180 Common Course – Deletion (put on Hold until 23-34)
GAME 333 Project and Process I (prerequisite)
GAME-ENGL 365 Classical Myth and Media (description)
HIM 150 Intro to Digital Health Informatics & Health Info Mgmt (credits, co- requisite, description)
HIM 180 Fundamentals of Human Disease (prerequisite, co-requisite)
HIM 240 ICD Healthcare Coding Systems (prerequisite, co-requisite)
HIM 252 Health Statistics (credits)
HIM 440 Healthcare Information Governance (credits, prerequisite, description)
INFA 721 Computer Forensics (title)
INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling and Data Management (prerequisite)
INFS 762 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (prerequisite)
INFS 780 Information Technology Strategy and Policy (prerequisite)
MATH 201 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (prerequisite)
MUS 204 Introduction to Digital Sound Design (prerequisite)
PE 775 Fan Experience, Sportainment and Branding Management (prefix, number)
PE 788 Facility, Risk and Event Management in Sports (prefix, number)
HIMS 745 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Informatics (prerequisite)

Revised Course Request-Common
CMST 101 Foundations of Speech (title) (approved)

CC Minutes 10-18-22
CC Minutes 11-15-22
CC Minutes 1-27-23
CC Minutes 2-8-23
CC Minutes 3-8-23
CC Minutes 4-5-23
CC Minutes 4-19-23
CC Minutes 5-3-23

GC Minutes – 9-21-22
GC Minutes – 11-16-22
GC Minutes – 2-17-23
GC Minutes – 3-31-23
GC Minutes – 4-21-23

Annual Board Reports
DSU Minor Course Modifications Annual Report 22-23
DSU Minor Program Modifications Final Report 22-23