State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

For Dakota State University (DSU) to offer online course/programs or experiential learning activity to students outside of the state of South Dakota, DSU must seek approval from the state the student is physically located in and/or the state the activity is taking place in. State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement is a national initiative that increases student access to distance education courses and programs while maintaining compliance with state regulations. SARA is the permission Dakota State University has to offer programs to student in U.S. states and territories. South Dakota participates in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA), and DSU is an institutional member of NC-SARA.  As a participant in NC-SARA, DSU shares a distance learning opportunity with 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education does not regulate out-of-state public institutions. Bureau approval for Dakota State University to offer distance education programs to students located in California is not required so DSU is able to offer programs in California.

Dakota State University is committed to complying with other states’ authorization regulations.

Due to Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act, DSU students are unable to participate in unpaid experiential learning activities (internships, clinicals, field experiences) in the state of Colorado.

Internship Registration Requirements – New Hampshire:
New Hampshire requires that programs such as internships, job shadowing, or mentor program have to be approved by the Labor Commissioner when a student is working for practical experience and is not being paid or is being a paid at a sub-minimum rate.

Dakota State University is not currently authorized to provide distance education courses or programs to students in American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Republic of Palau.

Licensure or Certification:
Programs in licensed or certification fields may not be available in every state due to applicable state board regulations. Please check with the applicable state agency to make sure the program of interest is available in your state. Being a part of SARA has no affect on state licensure or certification requirements. For more information view LICENSURE CERTIFICATION DISCLOSURE.

Please visit DSU Online Programs by State and International for location where online programs may be completed. Please note that while a program is authorized in your state, it may not meet the licensure requirements of your state.

Resides outside of South Dakota:
If a student moves to or resides in a different state after admission to the program, continuation within the program will depend on the availability of the program within the new state where the student resides. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the institution of a change in their state of residence. DSU does not provide all online programs in all states or countries. Please check to ensure the program you are interested in is offered in your state or country. While DSU does monitor laws in each state, authorization of distance education is a dynamic environment and you should check this site often for updates.

Please be advised that certain countries do not fully recognize credentials earned online from a foreign university.  If you are a foreign student seeking to enroll in one of our online degree programs, please check to ensure the online degree you are seeking will serve its intended purpose. If a country does not formally recognize foreign online degrees and certificates, this may have implications for students who later seek to enroll in other educational programs, seek employment with that country’s government or other employers requiring specific credentials. DSU stays informed of issues related to international authorization and licensure, and it is a student’s responsibility to understand other requirements such as, but not limited to how the collection of student data may be used in another country and whether withholding taxes (in addition to the price of tuition) will apply.
Ministry of Education – Government Websites

Federal financial aid cannot be disbursed to a student if the student resides in or changes his or her state location where DSU does not meet state authorization requirements. Federal financial aid cannot be disbursed in the case of a program that may lead to professional licensure or certification, where the DSU program does not meet educational prerequisites for licensure or certification requirements in the state where the student is located.  Contact the DSU Office of Online Education for more information.