Student Complaint Information by State and Agency

Contact Information for enrolled students outside of South Dakota

Students residing in other states while enrolled in a course offered by Dakota State University will utilize the institution’s internal complaint or review policies and procedures prior to filing a complaint with the state agency or agencies. However, if the complaint is not resolved through these processes, a student may use the following list to identify the office(s) in the state in which the student resides to which the complaint against any public institution in South Dakota may be filed. the appropriate state agency for the individual resident state. State Agencies and forms are found below. The contact information for each state is subject to change.

Student Complaint Information by State and Agency (PDF)

If a student is not able to contact the appropriate agency in his or her state of residence, please contact the Offices of the South Dakota Board of Regents and assistance will be provided. Contact Information: 306 East Capitol Ave, Suite 200, Pierre, SD 57501; phone: 605-773-3455;

California: Pursuant to the terms of the proposed Federal State Authorization Regulation, institutions must document the complaint process for the students they have taking their distance courses in each state (Dowd & Poulin, 2018; Program Integrity and Improvement, 2016).  However, in the state of California, there is no complaint process for students because there is no board that governs public institutions (Dowd & Poulin, 2018; Public Policy Institute of California, 2016).  The only board governing higher education is the BPPE- the Bureau for Private Postsecondary education which accepts complaints for postsecondary private institutions (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, 2018; Public Policy Institute of California, 2016). Although the Attorney General of the State can receive complaints, there is no regulation assigning that role to them (Dowd & Poulin, 2018).  Moreover, the Office of the California Attorney General has consistently rejected this obligation, which would likely result in the Department of Education rejecting this action (Dowd & Poulin, 2018).  Since California is not a SARA state, students in California do not have a process to avail themselves of to address complaints (Dowd & Poulin, 2018).

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