Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) at DSU

cqipiedContinuous quality improvement (CQI) is a comprehensive approach used by everyone at DSU to evaluate and enhance processes, programs and services and to improve student learning.

It is through CQI that we maximize institutional effectiveness and support the university’s mission and strategic plan. CQI is best accomplished when decisions are data-driven and we each play an integral role in the process.

Continuous Quality Improvement can be accomplished in many ways, from noticing a problem and making a small change that fixes the problem to larger, more complex projects that utilize the Plan, Implement, Evaluate, Decide (PIED) cycle to develop a solution.

CQI Leadership Committee

Renae Spohn, Chair

Patti Brooks, Business & Information Systems Faculty Rep

Michaela Clark, Library Rep

Amy Dockendorf, Business & Admin Services Rep

DeVonte Garcia, CSA Rep

Shawn Zwach, Beacom Computer & Cyber Sciences Faculty Rep

Kandy Lurz, Human Resources Rep

Jeanette McGreevy, OIEA Rep

Jennifer Munger, Education Faculty Rep

William Bendix, Arts & Sciences Faculty Rep

Sarah Rasmussen, Online Education Rep

Jane Utecht, Marketing Rep

Brent Van Aartsen, ITS Rep

Amy Veenhof, Athletics Rep

Rose O’Brien, Student Rep

Jennifer Yost, CSA

Gage Schacher, Student