Action Projects

Action Projects strengthen an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement; educate and motivate faculty, staff, and administrators; and improve systems and processes that lead to success in achieving organizational goals. Each organization concentrates its energies on three or four Action Projects that will most significantly advance its goals. At least one must relate directly to Helping Students Learn.

All Action Projects are entered into a Web-based database on the Higher Learning Center’s AQIP site containing all current and successfully completed Action Projects undertaken by AQIP participants. The Directory can be searched by organization, by the AQIP Categories related to a project, or by keywords, and it provides details and a contact person at the organization.

The Action Project Update Process

The Action Project Update process provides an opportunity to identify areas where your institution wants to solicit objective input that will be useful as it continues each project. The process is not designed to judge, trap, or penalize, but to help your institution stay on course to accomplish the goals it has set for itself. Your institution is asked to describe, for at least three active projects,

  • the progress being made, based on each project’s timelines, goals, and measures;
  • the problems, snags, delays, and challenges encountered; and
  • any outstanding successes and discoveries.

Responses should be direct, factual, and provide AQIP with a clear picture of your institution’s progress, accomplishments, and challenges.

Specific information about DSU’s action projects may be found at the following links: